I got married to a good person actually. But we also have a divorce

I got married to a good person actually. He agreed that he liked me and vice versa, so our families moved ahead. We both are from Tamil Nadu, India. We have spoken a few times before wedding and he was nice to me. At our wedding night he said first lets become friends and then we can move to the next step. I too accepted. In a month we moved to Ontario for his job. He was the one who encouraged me to do MS there and so I took admission in a leading university.

Life was smooth in the initial days.

No sex, no sharing time, no talking…literally I din’t exist for him, but we used to share the same bed. University started and I became busy with my studies and him in job. He was in a high position, so was always busy. If I ask him anything he would just answer to the point. Not even one single day he has eaten the food cooked by me. During his first birthday, I baked a wonderful cake which he din’t even see or cut. We had gone for one dinner in all the three years I stayed with him. Not even a single pic we have clicked. My parents and in laws constantly asked me for our pics to which each and every time I give them new reasons. He rarely answers my calls and replies to my messages. He used to talk happily to everyone except me! Then after some months I never called or messaged him. Even though I call him, he’ll not answer.

After 3 months his colleague came to our house, a female. They had a good time in our house. Both forgot my existence. Till date they are friends, no relationship apart from that which I din’t know that time. I thought they were in relationship, fucking shocked. I went mad after many incidents, once when I met him out and he saw me and I waved at him to which he din’t even give a small smile and was very smart in acting as if he had not seen me, once when he was clicking close snaps with his colleague in my house, once when she came out running from our room when I just entered our house chased by him and many many times when I saw them in the streets of Ontario.

This was the routine scenario of one year of married life. I got too much of stress that I ended up hospitalized multiple times due to fits, fainting, excess bleeding during periods and so many. I was 53 kg wen we were married and by the end of first year I was 46 kg and by second year I was 33 kg. After one and a half year he gave me divorce papers to sign. I was shattered to the core. I din’t read. It was just lying o the dining table

I completed my MS. One day I had a very bad stomach pain and I shrunk myself in the bed. He left to office and I stayed back. After few hours I went to use the washroom. I was barely able to walk. With each and every movement in my body, the pain increased. I called him thrice and as usual he never attended. I fell down from bed to the floor and I saw a pool of blood gushing from my vagina. The floor became stark red. I called him again for one last time and the result, as usual! I don’t know when I fainted. When I woke up I found me in hospital bed. The nurse told me that I was stressed to the extreme as a result I had heavy periods and my then husband has actually mentioned it as abortion in papers in the ambulance. When he had returned he had seen me and immediately called for an ambulance reasoning I had a miscarriage. This was narrated to me by the nurse and she consoled me that its not an abortion and I wasn’t pregnant. I was damn shocked. When my ex husband entered the room, he told me ‘Sorry, I mistook the scene for a miscarriage’. That is the end.

I started shouting at the top of my voice threw everything that I got in my hand at him. The nurses and docs ran to help me and calmed me down.

I got myself discharged and the first thing I did was I signed the divorce papers.

He confessed to me that he wasn’t happy with the marriage and he din’t want to get married at all. I never talked to him being in the same house.

He is the one who took all the financial care of me and my studies. I used his card for all purchases mostly books and stuff. Not even once he has touched me and he suspected that I have had an abortion. I don’t know what on earth made him to think that I could have slept with someone. He told me one day that, on seeing me drenched in blood and my lower part full of blood he misunderstood for abortion. I wanted to kill him for that.

We got divorced and I started working in a very reputed company in Toronto. I paid all the money he spent on me for 2.5 years. After making a good amount of money I moved to India, totally after 5 years. In those 5 years not even once I or he visited India. We then confessed to our parents that we got divorced. My close friend in Toronto helped me to tell my parents and she showed them all my medical history in Ontario to make them understand. She was the one who stood by my side when I underwent all these trauma.

After 2 years I got married again to a man who had a girl child of 4 months and his wife left them to live happily with her boyfriend.

My ex husband once saw me in India in a mall with my husband and daughter. I was happy with them. At first I noticed him (he din’t see me) and din’t look at him at all. I went in front of him, pretending that I had not seen him and showed him how happy I was. After that I never saw him. I’m thankful to him for divorcing me or I would have not got a cute family today. I’m thankful to him for not accepting me when I had begged him to live with me. Of course thankful to my husband’s ex wife for leaving him.

Thanks for reading!

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